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To join this coworking club the minimum donation is £15 to the charity to be accepted. The nhs is very underfunded rand needs your help🙏. These donations help a lot❤️🙌🏼✨ I’ll invite members in this WeWorking club to join me each week at the 30 Stamford street wework. Sometimes we can switch it up at other locations. P.S the Waterloo wework is brilliant for meeting founders working on interesting ideas (over limitless free beers) on Fridays! 🤠 The times will usually be 11am until 6pm. But it’s flexible. You’ll have your own desk and we’ll all sit in the same area. There’s limitless free coffee/tea (sometimes an in-house barista), good AC and open space to work. Plus not the worst company to hangout with😝 Normally a day pass to wework is £45. And in this club you will only need to donate to charity x1 to join but likely you can attend the office several times a month if Im not travelling. There are other coworking clubs on locals to join if you don’t want to donate to this charity but personally I’m not a fan of working in crammy/noisy coffee shops. Wework is the place for me✨ I’m happy to chat and love meeting new people but of course we will keep things productive so ideally let’s save chats for when we do lunch time along the river (if you want to join for that) 😁 I look forward to working alongside you with some interesting people each week. The group is open to anyone of course and if you love start ups as much as I do then let’s take an extra long lunch to chat about this!🤩 P.S I can’t make guarantees on how often these coworking days will happen bcoz I travel often and have in person meetings some days around ldn. But what I can say is I’m a huge extrovert and enjoy having people to work alongside. So for me I’d be wanting to invite you 1x a week or at least 1x a month. But who knows mayb you’d be wanting to join even like 5x a month or even more. All depends on everyone’s varying schedules

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