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Malika Datta

Locals Ambassador/Founder of Grechka Buckwheat/Pilates instructor/Mother

About me

I’m Malika, I’ve been living in London for 10 years. I initially moved here to do Masters in Law at UCL but after I completed the degree I decided to stay as I just fell in love with London so much 🥰 I’m happily married and have two kids. My kids amaze me everyday with the way they think and develop and teach me something new all the time. I worked in investment banking in the past but now I’m focusing on my business - Grechka buckwheat. We are on a mission to make it the new mainstream product in the U.K. and beyond because it is an amazing & healthy super grain! I am also a Pilates teacher and keen to grow Locals community via meaningful experiences where we can connect and feel better.

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