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Peace, Love & Unity. A Mindful Charity Event

12 Mar, 12:00 PM–1:30 PM  ·  Vauxhall

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Raising money for Choose Love and their work for refugees and humanitarian aid. Join us as we come together to do our best to raise the vibrations and create love and peace for the world as we want through these uncertain times together. With everything that is currently happening, many of have a deep sense of wanting to do something. We hope this get together will not only raise money, but through a meditation to generate love, breath to reduce anxiety and community we can raise energy and hope for a brighter tomorrow. ALL proceeds will be going to the people around the world who need it through our designated charity. We are doing this as we are so desperate for the world to find unity & peace. All though things have happened before and will happen again in the future, this is happening right now. We hope you join us to raise money, raise vibrations and create a safe space of love & hope.

Samuel Turrell
Event host
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12 Mar, 12:00 PM–1:30 PM
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All donations are appreciated
Support for Choose Love
£215 raised
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