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Hey locals❤️‍🔥 I’m Antonina and I’m a foodie 😁 also I know how food affects our body and energy. I had clients as a nutritionist and personal trainer, wrote a recipe book in Russian; now I’m running my healthy treats brand with a big mission to improve eating habits and population’s health. But this group is not about me 🙃 This community is for ✅Supporting each other on our journey to longevity and infinite energy *Where no one will think that you’re too much if you ask how much sugar is in a cake* ✅Meeting likeminded people in proper healthy cafes and restaurants (or farmers markets) ✅Sharing experience, useful links (prep meals ideas 🤪) and learn from each other ✅ Finding a partner, cofounder If you do or want to build a healthy food busines ✅Attend wellness workshops and activities, cook together ✅Talking about bio hacking, gadgets, gut health, sleep and blood sugar tracking 🧬 ❌No fighting for diets and beliefs ❌No nutrition/training plans selling Now we have a tradition - Wholesome Thursday - when we meet in a healthy place to eat (obviously :)) and get to know each other. Welcome 🤗 please make a note where are you on your journey now ❣️



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