Community guidelines

Community guidelines

Community guidelines

Your profile

This is your presentation card in the community. Make sure you make it look interesting, full and authentic. Here at we create a community of real people so we expect you to use your real pictures. Fake profiles, abusive or inappropriate content and behaviour wil l cause your profile being suspended and deactivated. We verify each profile during onboarding and after to create best possible experience for members, and we trust you are a respectful community member.

Creating experiences connects people via real-life experiences. In the app, you can explore experiences created by other community members and request to join any of them, and/or create your own experience and invite others to join you!

An experience is anything that you love doing or want to try and looking for great folks to join you in! It can be a group experience or a one-to-one.

When creating an experience, please provide full and correct information about your experience. Use relevant images and videos to get your experience noticed and share the required information in experience description, like date, location, any related expenses or special instructions, if any. Inappropriate, abusive content or language will be banned from the app and your account deactivated so please be mindful and respectful.

When creating an experience we also expect that you are genuinely interested in connected with people requesting to join your activity and share our mission to create beautiful connections and great memories in
the real life.


We have four simple options that apply for any experiences in the app:

01. It’s free
02. Paid by host
03. Paid by guest
04. Split - which means that the host
and guest(s) share the costs.

If there are costs relating to your experience, please let people know that upfront when creating your experience.


Supporting global and local causes is one of the core values of community. That’s why we enable our users to fundraise for a charity of their choice with their experiences. We work with trusted foundations only and already support over 40 charities and continuously growing.

Please remember that the charitable donation you make to join an experience is not the price for participation in this experience and you are free to donate any amount within your means.

If the host accepts your request, your donation is sent to charity automatically and we cannot offer refunds. If your request is not accepted by the host within 10 days, it will expire and you won’t be charged anything.

There is no obligation to participate in experience if you change plans, your donation will be sent to the cause in any scenario and your impact will be counted.

Also, if you truly want to support an experience or a cause, you can make a donation informing the host that you are willing to donate anyways and your impact will be counted.

Locations & safety

We recommend meeting in public spaces and that you don’t use your private home as an experience location, unless its a close circle of friends who you know well and trust.

We are taking security seriously and doing our best in this part by verifying community members. However, we do recommend that you ensure that you have fully verified that the people you agree to meet are genuine before agreeing to meet and make the first encounter in a safe and public place.

Refunds policy

Your donation is final once your request has been accepted by the host. It is then sent on to the chosen charity and at this point, no refunds can be issued.

Please remember that the donation payment you make to join an experience is not a cost to participate in this experience and hosts are not being paid for experiences. This is a charitable donation that is sent to the foundation selected by the host in his experience and will be used for a good cause.

Chats & language

Once a request to join an experience is accepted, the app will automatically create a chat between selected experience participants. This is a private space to chat, get to know each other a bit better and finalise experience details.

Communication in chats is also subject to our requirements of respect and appropriate language and content sharing. has no access to your private chats but we encourage and enable community members to report any inappropriate behaviour or language.

Change of plans

As a host, we expect you to do your best to make your experience happen and bring a positive impact. We also understand that sometimes plans may change. In this case, we recommend
you get in touch with your experience participants as soon as you can and re-arrange things together.

As a guest, please notify the host if you are running late or won’t be able to join the experience and inquire the host if this experience can happen someday later.

Communication rules

Above all be kind, respectful and decent

People are more likely to want to see you again!

Connect, don't Sell

We welcome networking
in the community but please remember that you are here to connect with interes-ting personalities and not do business. That’s not what other people signed up for so please respect that.


Some people like privacy, just be mindful of that. Check-in and ask permission before taking/sharing photos.


Covid rules are changing so we recommend that you refer to before you host or take part in an experience - just to ensure it is being held in accordance with the latest government advice and everyone is safe.

Stay in the room

Stay with us in the real life. Not on your phone. You'll have time for that later!

Over 18’s only

For safety reasons, and to protect yourself too, please ensure you are not meeting any minors.

"No" is most
definitely "No"

Don’t be pushy. That doesn’t work for anyone!

Be on time

If you’re running late please let the group or host know. Don't be that one person who's always late

Be polite

If any of your plans change please let people know. If you want to bring someone else, ask first the host to avoid this sort of surprises.

After experience happened

Use chats to stay in touch after experience happened. This is your private and secure place
in the app where you can continue chatting and share all the great images and videos you have of the day.

The discovery app of activities and communities full of inspiring, mindful and entrepreneurial people.

© 2021–2023 LOCALS LTD, all rights reserved.

The discovery app of activities and communities full of inspiring, mindful and entrepreneurial people.

© 2021–2023 LOCALS LTD, all rights reserved.

The discovery app of activities and communities full of inspiring, mindful and entrepreneurial people.

© 2021–2023 LOCALS LTD, all rights reserved.

The discovery app of activities and communities full of inspiring, mindful and entrepreneurial people.

© 2021–2023 LOCALS LTD, all rights reserved.