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Welcome to the GirlsWhoMeet Housing Group – the perfect space for women to find the ideal housing solutions, whether it's a new roommate, an apartment to share, or the need to sublet your space. Our community is here to help you navigate your housing journey with ease and support from fellow members. What to Expect: 1. Roommate Connections: Whether you're seeking a compatible roommate to share your living space or looking for a room in a shared apartment, feel free to use the chat to connect with fellow NYC ladies. 2. Apartment Listings: Discover apartment listings that are shared by other members, giving you the opportunity to find the perfect living situation that suits your lifestyle and preferences. 3. Sublet Opportunities: If you have an apartment, room, or space available for subletting, our community is the ideal platform to reach potential subletters who are searching for temporary housing solutions. 4. No spam/ self promotion. This group is meant to help us one another. Hope this is helpful 💕

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