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Join me in viewing factories, distribution centres & all things manufacturing related in uk. I truly love to see how tangible goods are made. I’d really appreciate those who are keen to also help organise and/or source places for us to see! We can go check out brewdog (as an example). I love all businesses. But old school traditional businesses are my favourite👴. Even though it’s become less cool in our tech and saas driven world, I miss the days as a management consultant where I’d stay late hours in the factories (off the clock in my own personal time) just watching the production lines (yes I’m a total freak, I know..😂). Let’s make it happen! Look forward to nerding out on brick n mortar businesses & factory tours with you! I’ve had the chance to see some epic ones in SA and beyond (including the world famous Toyota factory in Japan) & look forward to more here in uk

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