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Welcome to the Create What You Wish Existed Club. Are you an entrepreneur with ideas that the world hasn’t seen yet? Do you dream of innovations and solutions that could change the game? Are you looking for co-founder who will share your journey or an investor who will inject his capital or wisdom in your idea? You’re not alone, and we want you to be a part of our community! Being part of our community will allow yourself to Connect and Learn from Visionaries. You will enhance your chances to network with entrepreneurial like-minded individuals who are passionate about bringing new ideas to life. At the Create What You Wish Existed club, we believe that by learning and bouncing of the worlds best minds together, we can build, innovate, and inspire. Whether you’re an artist, inventor, entrepreneur, or someone who just loves thinking outside the box, our club is the perfect place for you to thrive. The Create What You Wish Existed series, hosted by Locals.org, has featured prominent founders in IRL events, offering valuable knowledge and insights to aspiring entrepreneurs: • Sam Altman: The visionary mind behind OpenAI. • Nik Storonsky: The innovative Founder of Revolut. • Michael Acton Smith: The creative force behind Calm. • Matthew Freud: PR Guru and Think Tank. • Camilla al-Fayed: Founder of Farmacy. • Herman Narula: Founder of Improbable. • Jeremy Jauncey: Founder of Beautiful Destinations. • Michelle Kennedy: Founder of Peanut. • Liberman Brothers: Founders of Humanism. • Yuri Gurski: Founder of Palta and Flo. • Alex Hofmann: Founder of Musical.ly, now TikTok. • Olia Sardarova: Founder of BXR. • Ethan Brown: Founder of Beyond Meat. • Charles Rosier: Founder/CEO of Augustinus Bader. • Rita Ora: Singer, Founder of Typebea. Join this Club on Locals to connect to learn, get inspired and create what you wish existed. All Locals Premium Users are welcome for 100% free. Make sure your notifications 📣 ON not to miss invitations and news of this club.

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