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Aylin Pashaian

Founder of Westside Yogis, Meditator, Community Builder, Dancer & 🎨
London, United Kingdom

About me

I’m a yoga and meditation teacher. I’ve been a dancer since I was 7, so any type of dance movement activity makes me happy and gets me going. I’ve been living in LA for 8 years and moved back home for 5 months last year. I’m a newbie-ish to the west side and I’m loving it. Living by the ocean is a dream come true, so I’m always down to watch the sunrise or the sunset. Side hustles are: Social media management, graphic design and background acting. Dreams that I’m working through: inspiring people to move, meditate and connect more authentically. I would love to do some modeling for wellness and fitness, and learn how to be a stylist, as I love fashion.💃🏼👗

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