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Women of Color Los Angeles - Women Over Dinner

2 July

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Come join us at Women of Color Los Angeles - Women Over Dinner. Our first in a series of quarterly dinners. We want to live in a world where the Inherent Power of Woman is remembered and expressed. The expressions will of course be as diverse as we are. Women Over Dinner is an invitation to gather and ask ourselves questions like: What does it mean, in present time, to be a woman? What if girls were taught from an early age, whether or not they ever choose to have a child, that they are born into nobility, a lineage that has the power to carry life and birth humans — the lineage of Woman? Especially the nobility of women of color. Then, might we ask, is equality even our goal, or is it something else? Something deeper, something more than a reaction to what has been, but a creation of what is true? Women Over Dinner offers an insightful, just-edgy-enough guide to topics ripe for exploration: power, sexuality, and how both affect everything we see and experience in the world. And in this dinner in particular, the power, the sensuality of women of color, the conversations perhaps that are harder to have in mixed company. The dinner table, in its sacred simplicity, holds us. We invite you to gather friends, family, community, around a meal and have a personal and intimate conversation. Not the kind of conversation that goes sideways when cookie cutter political opinions tempt us towards divisiveness. Instead, a place to just share what you think, have experienced, and maybe most importantly, what you feel, as you break bread and listen. We have no doubt that what ripples out of these conversations can change the world.

Courtney Walker
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2 July
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