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Together we will train for triathlons (from smaller entry level ones all the way up to Ironman & the Ironman 70.3 events. I truly believe any person is capable of any triathlon as long as they’re willing to dedicate 5 hours per week to training for a few months. It would be great if you can make a £5 donation to the charity❤️🙌🏼✨ like a true champion! Kind is the new cool😎🤠😝 I don’t have to be the only one organising events, you can also post ones and see who’s keen to join. The Ironman70.3 was a lonely experience for me, I wouldn’t want to do it again that way!😅 thank god my brother was there to support me else I’d not have made it but for the next one I’d like to go in a group. You can use this club to post when you are training, to ask me & others advise and also to go to some triathlons together

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