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Taiwanese Cooking Workshop

15 Jun, 11:00 AM–2:00 PM  ·  Kensington

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Come join us for a relaxed and fun afternoon as we dive into the delicious world of Taiwanese food! Our cozy cooking workshop, set in a beautiful private home in Kensington, is the perfect spot to learn, cook, and enjoy a fantastic meal together. What's on the Menu: 🌱**Spring Onion Pancakes** Learn how to make these crispy, flaky pancakes that are perfect as a starter or snack. 🍄‍🟫**Wood Ear Mushroom Salad** Discover the unique texture and taste of wood ear mushrooms in a refreshing and healthy salad. 🍅**Tomato Egg** Whip up this classic Taiwanese dish with soft scrambled eggs and juicy, tangy tomatoes. 🥢 **Fried Vermicelli Noodles** Master the art of stir-frying vermicelli noodles, packed with savory flavors and a delightful crunch. 🫖 **Ginger Rice Tea** Enjoy the warm, aromatic flavor of this traditional Taiwanese drink, great for cleansing the palate. 🍧**Mung Bean and Longan Dessert ** End on a sweet note with this nourishing and subtly sweet dessert made with mung beans and longans. What to Expect: - **Hands-On Cooking:** Our friendly chef will guide you through each dish, giving you practical tips and tricks so you can make these recipes at home. - **Tasty Meal:** After cooking, we'll all sit down together to enjoy the delicious food we've made in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Optional Taiwanese Market Visit: Keep the fun going with an optional trip to a nearby Taiwanese restaurant that offers a small selection of authentic grocery items. Chef Vonny will lead the way, showing you where to find ingredients to create your favorite dishes at home and discover new ones. Whether you're a cooking pro or just looking to try something new, this workshop is a great way to spend an evening with good food and good company. **Spaces are limited, so be sure to reserve your spot early!** Your contribution £45 covers everything from venue, facilitator, food, drink, supplies, set up, clean up, and more. We can't wait to cook with you!

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15 Jun, 11:00 AM–2:00 PM
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