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Anastasia and 2 more

Sculpture without sight experience

24 Oct, 4:30 PM  ·  Chelsea

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Highlights 🎨 Experiment with clay and create a work of art using only your memory and sense of touch 🎵 Soothing music and aromatherapy will enhance the experience 🍷 Guests are welcome to bring their own beverages General Info 📍 Venue: Unarthodox 👤 Age requirement: 21+ Description In the modern world, much of life is experienced through sight, sound, and computer screens. As a reprieve from such sensorial stress, this unique, immersive sculpture experience has guests wearing a blindfold and using only their memory and sense of touch to create works of art. Scents of eucalyptus and aromatherapy will fill the room as guests learn the basics of clay handling and lose themselves in their work. Ultimately, Unarthodox strives to become a safe, creative space where guests can relax and experiment with art while tapping into their inner creativity.

Anastasia Pivovarova
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24 Oct, 4:30 PM
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