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FREE Jenga & Board Games Night

31 May, 7:30 PM

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It's back! By popular request, on Friday 31st May - we'll be once again hosting one of our most unique and special socials... our latest Jenga Games Night. 
Yep that's right - we'll once again be heading to one of our favourite pubs in Central London for another memorable evening of Friday social fun. 
If you’ve never played it before, Jenga Games Night combines the suspense of a game of classic Jenga but with an exciting twist. 
Like a normal game of Jenga, you will have to choose a block and delicately dislodge it, without causing the tower to tumble. 
On the underside of each block, you’ll find an exciting game, dare, question or challenge that you or your whole table will have to complete. 
Some of these are little mini-games we’ve created to help you get to know your table better, some are designed to test your wit and creativity and others simply are there to help add some extra fun to the game. 
And if you want some extra spice to the game (and we highly recommend you do!), you can even agree your own forfeit or challenge for the person who eventually causes the tower to fall. 
On top of this, when you've had enough Jenga for one night, we'll be dusting off our large collection of Board Games for you to enjoy. 
From classics like Cards Against Humanity, social deduction games like Secret Hitler and Werewolf, to party games like Codenames and Scrawl, we've got a range of great games to keep the fun going into the night.

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31 May, 7:30 PM
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