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Meeting about investment in Bali real estate.

14 Sep, 6:30 PM  ·  Vauxhall

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Business meeting on topic: "Investing in Real Estate in Bali" Speaker: Sergey Sulimov, founder of a Bali-based developer company constructing the Aviator complex in Canggu. MBA, with 15 years of experience in real estate investment. AT THE MEETING, WE WILL COVER: Investment opportunities in Bali: - Acquisition for rental purposes without involvement in management - Acquisition of resale - Land acquisition - Investment in a developer Advantages of investing in Bali real estate. Yield of 10-40% per year: myths or reality, real-life examples Real estate market prospects in Bali Key criteria for choosing real estate Legal foundations of investing in Bali

Sergey Sulimov
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14 Sep, 6:30 PM
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