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Journey into Self Full Moon Ceremony

6 Mar, 7:00 PM

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Reveal and Release! Join me for this Full Moon Ceremony as we work with the energy and light of the moon to reveal to us what was previously hidden and journey inward to excavate and release that which no longer serves our highest and best. In this ceremony, we will be working with the medicine of cacao and taking a shamanic-style journey deep into our inner worlds using sound, breath, movement, touch, visualizations and energetic intentions. We will start by first opening the circle and dropping into the space with a short presence-focused meditation. We will then move into some energetic practices to start to move and awaken our energy. Then I will guide us through a self-exploration journey to help you connect deeper with your inner knowing. We will end our time together with some journaling, sharing, moving and a grounding practice to help integrate the work you’ve done. If interested in joining, please request to join for more information! Looking forward to journeying with you! With love and gratitude, Rachel

Rachel Oster
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6 Mar, 7:00 PM
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Capacity for 15 people
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