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Yuna and 43 more

Jazzy Sunday

21 Jan, 5:00 PM  ·  Bel Air

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Ekh, we are half way through the 3rd week of January, the holidays seem like a distant dream and the winter blues are creepying in. Brrrr. Yak. No! No! No! Lets stick it to the mundane and gather this Sunday at 5 at my house for a party. The only blues we will have is the blues Jacob, Casey, Nick, Mike, Omari, Hadrien, and other talented musicians joining us this evening will choose to share. Lets create a collective! It will be our Sunday Service! Fabulous music is on them, great cocktails on us, and magic atmosphere on you! Come and bring your beautiful wonderful friends! Lets enjoy great music, drinks, company! (And send off Masha back to Russia in style! 😭💔 or … prevent her from being able to get on a plane for another week 👹) The important small print: This is not “an event” - its a warm gathering of friends and friends of friends, it is a home party that is GUEST LIST ONLY, all guests must be registered for security reasons. Bel Air is a quiet neighborhood, and we are gathering on a Sunday, please be respectful of the neighbors. There is street parking but for your freedom to relax, please UBER. No BYOB please. To cover the cost of bar service, snacks and music equipment, show etc, we ask all guests to make a $50 contribution. Sunday - January 21 - 5 pm till… well,if you’ve been,you know 😂 Love you all, Yuna

Yuna Megre
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21 Jan, 5:00 PM
Bel Air
Exact location available after joining
Capacity for 70 people
Limited number of spaces available
$50 to join
This is a paid event