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This is not a challenge or competition but a group for winners who are dedicated to make a transformation of a lifetime. The whole purpose of having a habit contract is to make you accountable for yourself. Any time you do a bad habit, there needs to be pain and consequences attached to it. If not, your going to do it over and over and not realize how much it is effecting your potential. I started Doing this for myself and it has changed MY LIFE. I started to gain purpose and meaning. I realized every action I take is getting me closer to my aim in life. You can watch as many inspiring videos as you want but if you don’t have these fundamentals of good habits and discipline, doesn’t matter how motivated you are, your old patterns and habits will always win. Successful people have successful habits, which mold their behaviors, & effects the way they think and feel. That determines destiny. You got to create your ALTER EGO self. What does that perfected version of you do on a daily basis? It starts with a vision and creating a plan to get there. Let’s achieve together and make our dreams a reality.

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