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FriendShyp Magic

15 Apr, 3:00 PM–6:00 PM  ·  Crenshaw

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🌟 Join Captain Pat and Adam Dorsey for an epic journey of breath play, self discovery and magic 🌟 ​Shake off the stresses of life and allow your inner child to express and play. 🤸 The goal of this experience is to develop practices that guide us to our highest levels of self love and acceptance 🪷 ​✨ ​Firstly, we will Dive deep with Adam for a journey within. In BreathMagic Yoga Adam takes the work out of Breathwork. He uses traditional yoga postures along with BreathPlay connected to high vibe music to access elevated states of consciousness. Learn how to get high on your own Supply! 💨 ​🧙‍♂️ ​Then join Captain Pat as we set sail on the FRIENDSHYP 🛥 An interactive mindfulness experience resulting in you being your own best friend by showing up for yourself and others by activating your superpowers! The journey will take us for a ride through the FriendSHYP Framework, the worlds most potent and playful shadow work! The “Work” doesnt always have to be work. It can be Play! ​“The Angels Fly because they take themselves lightly" - GK Chesterton ​👨‍🚀 ​What to bring: BreathMagic Yoga is an active practice so please wear comfy clothes. You may sweat so consider a change of clothes. We will be going until sunset so make sure to have something warm and cosy to put on if you need it. ​Light Snacks will be served; fruit etc. Please come having had a light lunch. Breathmagic is very active, so its best if you arent too full! ​🍉 ​We seek to create a fun playful container. The world needs more play. So we hope you come out and join us! Yay ​🌸🕺🏾✨ TICKETS @ https://lu.ma/FM ​If you would love to join us and the entry price is too high for you at this time then please get in touch and we will find a way for you to join us. We wont turn any potential friends away on account of financial hardship. 💞

Elijah Love
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15 Apr, 3:00 PM–6:00 PM
Exact location available after joining
Capacity for 35 people
Limited number of spaces available
Free to join
No charity support required