Extreme/Exotic holidays club🌋🤘🏼🤠

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Club for those who want to find and join others who love to travel off the beaten track. For those who feel normal holidays are boring! The types who’d rather be climbing Kilimanjaro than sipping cocktails on a beach/skiing. 🌋 Next on my travel wishlist is Easter island, North Korea, Door To Hell in Derweze Turkmenistan, Tiger’s nest monastery in Bhutan, base camp Mt Everest and Antarctica. ⛰️ I’m guessing it will be a niche group of us! But I will post as I plan my trip to N Korea to see who wants to join, and others can post their crazy travel ideas and see who’s keen to join. Or maybe let’s go couch surfing somewhere completely random and foreign together🤠 I dont intend to be the central planner of events for this group, it will be a place for you, myself and others to find other wild travel souls and to either post where we’re going for others to join or to plan something together. Or simply share advise and tips.🫶🏽 Who knows we may even find some people who know locals or who can offer tips in these unique and exotic spots! 🤘🏼

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