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Welcome to the "Effortless English" Conversation Club! Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey to master the English language effortlessly? Look no further! Join us for an enriching experience at our "Effortless English" Conversation Club, specially designed for two distinct groups of language enthusiasts - A2-B1 and B2-C1 proficiency levels. For A2-B1 Group: If you're at the A2-B1 proficiency level, our "Effortless English" Conversation Club is the perfect place for you to refine your language skills. Our fun and interactive sessions are curated to build your confidence in speaking English in everyday situations. Engage in lively discussions, expressions and vocabulary-building exercises. For B2-C1 Group: For those who find themselves in the B2-C1 proficiency range, our "Effortless English" Conversation Club offers a stimulating environment to take your fluency to the next level. Delve into captivating debates, explore complex topics, and polish your language abilities in a supportive and encouraging setting. Location and dates will be declared in chat. In the meetings talking about politics and religion not allowed. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to enjoy the process of learning English while making lasting connections with fellow language learners.

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