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Come With Me To, ‘ House of Happiness’ Sober Rave!

15 Apr, 12:00 PM–5:00 PM  ·  Vauxhall

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Come with me to, ‘House of Happiness Happiness’ I’ve been twice before and love it. Because the play some classic banging house tunes and actually have a great selection of non alcoholic drinks. Early bird tickets are currently on sale for £16.96 and can be purchased here.⬇️ https://www.eventbrite.com/e/570898090557 You will have to purchase a ticket, to attend ‘House of Happiness.’ There is usually pre meet before the event, if anyone is interested. So we can introduce ourselves to each other and have a chat, before the party starts!🎉 ⬇️Read more info on the event here!⬇️ ALCOHOL & DRUG FREE CLUBBING EXTRAVANGANZA and with two EPIC events under our belt, we're back with our third offering that guarantees.... We loved a themed party... Easter it is. AND WE CAN'T WAIT TO RAVE THE DAY AWAY WITH YOU!! And yep, we're going with an Easter theme this time round for our 4TH SESH... just in time to burn off all those Easter eggs for another EPIC SOBER RAVE delivered by us, The House of Happiness. As usual, you can expect... AWESOME HOUSE TUNES by AWESOME DJs in one of London's most AWESOME CLUBBING VENUES - FIRE & LIGHTBOX The COOLEST DANCERS & GUESTS serving MOVES & ENERGY A delish selection of ALCOHOL-FREE DRINKS to 'sup on the DANCEFLOOR SAFE, INCLUSIVE FUN with LIKE-MINDED, GORGEOUS PARTY PEOPLE And GLOWSTICKS & GLITTER GALORE (obvs) Whether you've given up booze for good... or you're just taking a break but still LUUUURVE to PARTY & DANCE... or simply want to see if you can have a good time without being battered... THIS. EVENT. IS. FOR. YOU. So get those BUNNY EARS on & LET'S GET HOPPIN'!! Grab your EARLY BIRD TICKETS - available until SUNDAY 26 MARCH! I recommend your grab EARLY BIRD TICKETS, as soon as they become available!j

Mutia Ademola
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15 Apr, 12:00 PM–5:00 PM
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