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Ceremonial Cacao + Sound Healing ✨

21 August  ·  Fulham

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Join me for a relaxing hour of Sound Healing and Ceremonial Cacao at Move Studios, Fulham. Upon arrival, you will be guided to your seat where you will be handed your own drink of ceremonial cacao. As we begin, I will guide you through the process of drinking your cacao whilst playing the crystal singing bowls. After this, I will invite you to take a few deep breaths as the cacao settles into your body, opens your heart space and focuses your energy. Then, I will guide you to set an intention for what you wish to receive from the session. After this, you will lie back and relax to the gongs as you listen to their transformative sounds. I will then transition onto the crystal singing bowls to help uplift your energy, before closing the experience with the koshi chimes. Once the sound journey has finished, you will be left in silence for a few minutes before reawakening. The event is 12-1pm on August 21st. Recommended donation for charity is £15. See you there! ❤️

Harriet Smith
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21 August
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