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Locals Locals.org was born on the strong belief that social connections matter directly for our health and happiness. Locals has become a solution to one of the biggest yet largely overlooked and stigmatised problems of our time.

Locals has become a solution to one of
the biggest yet largely overlooked &
stigmatised problems of our times.

The Loneliness Pandemic

In the last few decades with the last two years of social isolation, the gap between actual and desired social relationships has grown tremendously, increasing one of the greatest problems in modern-day society: loneliness. Loneliness contributes negatively to our physical and emotional well-being. Researchers have found that loneliness is just as lethal as smoking 15 cigarettes per day[1] and compared with well-known risk factors such as obesity, diabetes stage 2; chronic loneliness is associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. Lonely people have a 26% higher risk of dying prematurely than those with healthy social relationships[2]. Loneliness is the number one fear of young people today - ranking ahead of losing a home or a job. 42% of Millennial women are more afraid of loneliness than a cancer diagnosis[3]. Among 18-34-year-olds, 42% say they feel lonely at least a few times a week[4]. And the fact of being in relationships or in marriage does not impact this correlation. People even in strong and stable relationships still often feel lonely. Loneliness leads to increased use of health services and impacts negatively on the economy by decreasing employees and professionals' health.

Friends you’ve yet to meet

So what is loneliness and how can this problem be solved? We tend to believe (and scientists support us) that loneliness is not a disease, virus or mental issue. The good news is that loneliness is more like a hunger — a basic human need that should not be overlooked, stigmatised or tabooed. When you feel hungry, you eat. When you feel lonely - you simply meet new people.

Introverts dream

The pandemic and isolation have tremendously contributed to the exacerbation of the loneliness problem. We all became introverts. We need to learn how to meet new people and make meaningful connections from scratch. Locals.org helps people to create mutual context and share their passions offline, putting the basis for social interactions able to provide meaning, purpose and value.

Just sex is not sexy

Meet up and dating apps are not able to do that, they are too random and are not able to build meaningful connections, that's why they don't work for most people. The world is full of people not interested in dating but still wanting to meet new people in real life.

Offline & Outside

Socialising in real life is and always will be a fundamental need of all human beings. The most common thing our users write in their profiles is - "I just want to meet new people". Locals.org creates a safe environment for people who want to meet new people, have fun, learn new things, feed their souls with emotions and build meaningful connections.

Eugene Nevgen

Eugene Nevgen

CEO, Co-founder

London, UK

Eugene is a serial tech entrepreneur with a seasoned experience in product design and growth. He orients all of his work to develop brilliant, fun and smart technologies that ease people’s life while creating a positive change for the whole society. Eugene established himself in the industry by launching MSQRD, a viral AR face filters app that made more than 100M downloads during just 4 month with zero marketing expenses. MSQRD was acquired by Facebook and became the bases for Instagram Stories and Face Filters.

Sergey Gonchar

Sergey Gonchar

Tech, Co-founder

London, UK

Sergey is a serial tech entrepreneur with a strong and sharp technical background. He was the co-founder and CTO of MSQRD, one of the first technologies in the world to allow people adding fun filters to their selfies. Sergey is a creators of Facebook’s AR effects platform — to date 2 billion+ people have used Face Filters on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

Both Eugene and Sergey were featured in Forbes’ 30 under 30 consumer tech list.
They are friends from age of 15 and worked on dozens of projects together.
They are splitting time between California, London and Cyprus.

Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova

Charity, Co-founder

Paris, France

Natalia Vodianova is a supermodel, a global influencer in the luxury and fashion scene, a seasoned entrepreneur, and an impact investor - always picking the most cutting-edge technologies able to create a positive change in society. She is known as one of the most passionate social activists in the world and Goodwill Ambassador for UNFPA, the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency.

Timon Afinsky

Timon Afinsky

Community & Brand, Co-founder

London, UK

Timon is a tech entrepreneur and serial impact angel investor focusing his energies only on businesses that have a tangible impact on society. With a strong experience in PR, he has led and supported startups globally in the field of health and beauty, mental health, augmented reality, and fashion tech, specifically in the US, UK, and CEEMEA markets.