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Xiaoyun Yang

Software engineer
Greenwich Village, New York, United States

About me

Native New Yorker who loves personal improvement activities. My ideal weekend looks like going to a yoga class and then a coffeeshop to hack on some side projects, walk around to check out art galleries, go to a McNally or Strand to get inspired, and then head to the Cliffs for some 🧗‍♀️or go to the west side highway and run along the Hudson and watch the sun set. I’m really into fitness and health. I also really like blogging and doing coding projects on the side 👇 I’m learning to get better at investing, design, and writing. The books I’m currently reading include: Storycraft, Design is Storytelling, and Designing Data Intensive Applications. The apps I can’t live without: Notion,, Calendar, Spotify, VSCode (with GitHub Co-pilot plugin of course), and Instagram: @xiaoyun_nyc Oh, and I’m climbing the Matterhorn in August 2023! Ask me about how I’ve been preparing for it.

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