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Sandi A

Spirituality, Art, Start up, Web3, Property
Hackney, London, United Kingdom

About me

Hi I’m Sandi. The past few years I’ve travelled and enjoyed it thoroughly! I’ve made friends in places from Colombia to Bali. Currently living in London and exploring more, looking forward to make meaningful connections, enjoy music and art and make the most of nature too as London is one of the greenest cities in the world! I love people, self study, growth mindset and I’ve recently started a podcast to satiate my curious mind. I’m on a mission to follow all my dreams and interests and accept that failing fast or breaking things fast is way more fun in this lifetime than overthinking and staying in the same place out of fear. I work for a Web3 startup App so I have interests in Web3 community and start ups as well as a curiosity in tech and AI. Passionately involved in humanity too, volunteering and advising a phenomenal grass roots charity in India. I love learning about business models and I explore and find my way to my own soon ❤️‍🔥 Looking forward to connecting 🦋