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Lasya Koundinya

Business Analyst at FinTech and I’m artsy
Harrison, New Jersey, United States

About me

I’m a South Indian by origin- been living in US for 3 years. (India -> Arizona -> NYC) Looking for like-minded people to hangout, exchange ideas, uplift each other and also capture fun videos. I love documenting moments✨Plus points if you are in tech or if you are into creative arts🫰 some facts about me: - I have ADHD - I’m extremely empathetic and emotional - I can speak 4 languages -I love Dancing, singing, n playin music instruments -I like studying about psychology n neuroscience, about human relationships, history, evolution, and the universe to name a few - since I’m an empath, I feel everything at a deeper level and so I am very concerned about saving the planet, and animal welfare -almost forgot, part of my personality includes Taylor Swift, Harry Potter, TVD, and Telugu Cinema🫶 If anything I said above resonates with you-hit me up✨