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Maria Alves

Freelancer Model
Earlsfield, London, United Kingdom

About me

Hi everyone My name is Maria, 20. I'm living in London's Wandsworth! I'm looking for friends just like me, who like to go for a walk, a brunch, fitness classes, hitting the gym, go to entrepreneur seminaires, talk about business, financials, ways to become successful in life, help each other to grow your mindset and goals. To become that powerful woman. I'm looking for a bestie who likes to take pictures, do videos to post, and do girls day ( spa, nails etc ... ), I am that kind of friend who will help you in many ways, count me in as your partner in crime! Afro music and hip-pop are my favorite, and I'm always up for a party, a trip, roller coaster ride, rooftop cocktails, and just living life to the fullest! I'm always smiling, I see life in a positive way. Instagram : immaria03

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