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Markus Madlangbayan

Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California, United States

About me

I am a director, filmmaker Motion graphics designer, vfx artist. I make music videos and vfx driven commercials. I spend nights going out to dinner, getting drinks, trying restaurants. Love music and seeing shows or going to concerts. Dancing is is super fun. Pretty much anything creative or social or active im down. Always trying to laugh and crack jokes. I like witty personalities with dry or sarcastic senses of humor. I like deep intellectual conversations. Im a bit of a nerd when it comes to anything science or tech. But i work in creative arts so am pretty wel balanced and well rounded. I grew up playing sports so im pretty atheletic. I spend a lot of time filming stuff on weekends. I paint and draw. I design and do motion graphics. I like to come up with ideas and make projects. I hang out at coffee shops. Love any hobbies or activities to keep the mind stimulated and the creativity inspired. I currently work at FOX ent. Used to be a VFX supervisor for Stept Studios.

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