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Emilia Patsura

Sadhu Boards therapist, numerologist
Wola, Warsaw, Poland

About me

My name is Emilia, and I'm a coach who specializes in Sadhu Board therapy. It’s my favourite form of therapy and it's amazing how much it can help people connect with themselves and find their own path in life. The Sadhu Board is a tool that helps people tap into their intuition and creativity, and I've seen firsthand how it can transform lives. Aside from my work as a therapist, I'm also a three-year expert in the self-discovery system called the "Matrix of Destiny." This system helps people understand their unique gifts and talents, and how to align their lives with their true purpose. It's been an incredible journey to witness my clients' transformations as they explore their personal destinies. In my free time, I love to pursue my passions for acting and modeling. It's a great way for me to express myself creatively and explore different sides of my personality. I've also been practicing yoga and meditation for years, my daily routine.

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