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Bohdan Pytaichuk

AI Strategy & Execution
City of London, London, United Kingdom

About me

I'm all about shaping the future, not just watching it unfold. Being Chief AI Officer at Gathers with 8 years of experience in Artificial Intelligence, I love turning thoughts into action. I've found my 'ikigai' - a Japanese concept that means doing “what you love” + “what you're good at” + “what the world needs” That's why I'm so energetic 24/7 - as my life is filled only with things that matter to me. Travel is a big love of mine. I explored about 20 cities just last year. Getting lost, finding my way back, and soaking up local culture along the way is my idea of a good time.. But here's a secret: it's the people who make a place truly special. Their stories, dreams, and shared desire to make the world better. That's why I'm excited to be part of - a place full of such people. When it comes to AI and its impact on your business, I'm the one. I'm passionate about using technology ethically, to harness its potential instead of misusing it.

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