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11 Mar, 10:00 PM–5:00 AM  ·  Downtown Los Angeles

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🐞❤️🐞 ∧,,,∧ (  ̳• · • ̳) /    づ♡ I love you🐱 🐞❤️🐞 ✨✨✨🍄🛸🛸🛸💗🛸🛸🛸🍄✨✨✨ THIS SATURDAY UNDERGROUND FAM!!!!!! 10-5AM 🌃-----🌇 ///TRANCE AND TECHNO/// 💥🤯EXPLOSIVE COMBINATIONS OF SWEET MELODIES AND MERCILESS KICKS🤯💥. ✨✨✨✨✨🧑‍🎤🫂👩‍🎤✨✨✨✨✨ 🌃LOCATION AND DIRECTIONS WILL BE POSTED ON OUR INSTAGRAM @FFF.UU.NNN THE DAY OF THE EVENT. Ticket link 🔗 in bio @FFF.UU.NNN DOOR SALES AVAILABLE.💸👌💕 -💗OPEN AIR VENUE -TECHNO - INDOOR STAGE - TRANCE -2 STAGES 🔊🙊🔊 -�PROFESSIONAL GRADE AUDIO 🔊💡@classic&ozone UNDERGROUND LOCAL ARTISTS 🎧 -👩‍🎤18+ - 🍻21+ -⚠️ALL SALES ARE FINAL 🐞❤️🐞 "When we dance together our hearts beat in sync, our electromagnetic fields resonate together and become coherent. It is in this space that we experience oneness. It is in the space that we understand we are the same; And in this way we feed the soul. This work must be done in groups. So we gather in collective movement based healing, as we walk each other home closer and closer to the heart." -LUVBVG 🐞❤️🐞 🕉️.🕉️.🕉️. 🫂 I LOVE YOU 🫂 🐞❤️🐞

Charlie Baker
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11 Mar, 10:00 PM–5:00 AM
Downtown Los Angeles
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