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30 Day Challenge - Meditation and Journaling

31 January

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Health is wealth. 🏆 Starting on 10 June Join me and others to improve your mental health on this 30 day challenge to connect with your inner self. The challenge consists on Morning: - meditation - journaling Evening: - journaling - meditation It’s important you do them in that order. You can choose how many minutes of meditation and journaling you are comfortable with doing each days. If you skip one day then you will need to add 25% min to the next day. The real challenge is to be committed and consistent. Rules ‼️ 1) You can choose how many minutes of meditation you are comfortable doing and this cannot be lowered but increased through the days. 5min - 10min - 12min - 20min Journaling can be half of the minutes of meditation 2) Meditation and journaling need to be done first thing in the morning and last thing before going to bed 3. If you don’t know what to write in your journal? Don’t worry. You can start writing about your day and something will come in your mind 4) It is your personal challenge. Don’t compare yourself to anyone You’ll be surprised how you will change in 30 days. Before you start, make a wish, it might comes true if you stay consistent. 💫 Start 10th May End 9th July You can join anytime Have fun and stay healthy 🎉

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31 January
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