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1-1 founder coaching with Sonia (Forbes u30)

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My close friend Sonia (Forbes 30 under 30) is providing founders & aspiring founders with invaluable mentoring/coaching. EXCLUSIVELY FOR THOSE ON LOCALS. Currently she has a leading role at Backed VC but she loves and makes some time for coaching/mentoring founders and/or those serious about becoming founders. She personally developed the founder program for EF which over 3000 founders have used to build 300 companies worth over $10 billion. EF takes a stake in all of them. EFs valuation was above $500mil in its last round. Sonia has helped many founders pre & post investment to take their game to the next level. Including myself. I can personally say her guidance, advise and intros have been INCREDIBLY valuable. Sonia puts a lot into those she coaches including expertise, her vast network and deep care. My appreciation for her is honestly beyond words ❤️🙌🏼 During her time at EF and VC she’s mentored 100s of founders in many industries. Her advisory/coaching fee is £800/hr but for those on Locals she has agreed to do a cap her fee at £280 a session. {When you mention Locals} In order to apply for this experience 2 things are needed: 1. Agree to view this as an intro/taster with the intention to do follow up sessions with Sonia if you see connection after the first meeting 2. Desire to take yourself and/or your business to the next level When you apply for this event please say why you are interested and also see the points above. Thank you! 🤠🥂✨ If you want to see a podcast I did with Sonia check out: https://youtu.be/tQey5McUiZk Here is the Forbes blurb about her https://www.forbes.com/profile/sonia-maciuszewicz/?sh=4bb74b63c587

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