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Friends Bloom

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We are hosting an speed-socialising event, ‘Friends Bloom’ exclusively through, taking guests through a guided speed-socialising format, similar to that of speed dating events to maximsie the potential to meet new and like-minded people. The drink served for the afternoon will be organic alcohol-free sparkling wine French Bloom, of course! Co-Hosted by London’s favourite DJ and socialiser DJ Fat Tony, he will be talking us through sober socialising and how we can enjoy the beauty of social discovery without the social lubricant of alcohol. Mental Health Awareness Week, the annual event where the UK sheds light on focusing on good mental health, is a time for amplifying the voices of those have overcome the social challenges and struggles of maintaining good well-being and mental health and speaking to loved ones around. The event will take place at the Town Hall Hotel on Saturday 14th May at 12 PM – 2 PM, in the heart of London’s vibrant East End, where 5-star amenities are combined with the space, convenience and comfort of a designers apartment. I hope to see you there! Constance & Maggie x

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